The hardest parts of being an author is not writing thousands of words a day. It isn’t coming up with new and exciting story-lines that keep me and my readers interested. It’s not designing covers or responding to wonderful readers who make the effort to write to me. No, the hardest part of being an author is finding new readers who might like my books. The term for that nightmare experience is Promotion.

When I first started publishing my books a few years ago all it took was running a Free Promotion and letting the sites available at the time know about it. I did this through a great lady called DesertGirl on Fiverr. I got 16,000 downloads in a few days for Barbarian’s Mistress and sales that were more than flattering in the following months.

But those days are gone and it is harder and harder to get the attention of prospective readers. I’ve tried Book Tours and advertising, as well as Free Promotions. I even made The Titan Drowns (Book 6 in the New Atlantis series) permanently free to attract readers to the series.

Recently a new company called Ebook Arrow contacted me and offered to promote one of my books for free. I decided to give them a go. Heck, what did I have to lose?

So I ran a free promotion on Amazon for Lionslayer’s Woman and only let Ebookarrow promote it. The results were as good as anywhere else I’d been trying lately with nearly 1,000 downloads over 5 days. What I also found interesting was that during those days I also had an increased in actual sales and the only explanation for that spike is the promotion.

I will be advertising with them again, and if you want to get notified about free or discounted books in your favourite genre then why not sign up at I think they may well be the site to watch in the future.